Author: Noor Ul Ain

Make the best use of your Android with Android Hacks

Your phone is a fundamental fittings apparatus that requires the right requisitions to feature its execution and give you variable characteristics. It is useless without the astonishing requisitions that hit the business with energetic promptness. These provisions are useful since they help in understanding each other require than making basic […]

All about iPhone AND Android

HOW TO INCREASE BATTERY LIFE OF IPHONE: Iphone has made the lives of humans but the issue which is generally arising is battery life problem. It would be very frustrating if you charge your phone last night and on the next day, half of the battery is consumed. This is […]

Back Up your Data, Use Customized Themes by Rooting your Android

These days, countless Smartphone’s have been introduced in the markets having different features and functions. Different Smartphones have different operating systems installed in them and different OS works in different ways. Android Smartphoneshas gained worldwide popularity and has become really very common among people because of their countless great specs […]

MIUI is the best Android ROM after rooting

There are many ROMs available which can be used with other phones as well.  Many of you are unfamiliar with flashing and rooting android. In this article I assume that you have done rooting of your android and you want to flash a new ROM for your android. Here I […]

How to Develop and Customize Android Applications?

Many developments have been occurred by the recent few years. These changes have helped of us to use smart phones, and feel lighter than carrying laptops and desktop computers. Now, a large group of people is using android smart phones, and you can develop applications to target this cluster of […]

Is it Possible to develop and customize iPhone Applications?

In this regard, Apple iPhone applications are so much demanded within the market. By the recent few years, several changes are ascertained within the field of technology. These changes have helped folks to use good phones, and feel more comfortable than carrying laptops and desktop computers.  Now, Apple iPhone are […]

What are the Easy Ways of Rooting Android

Mobile phone developers do not allow the root access to the users. This is done to prevent device from attack of spyware. Due to this fact users can’t get access to all the functions and apps. In order to make the best possible use of their android operating device, users […]