Why are the Android Tablets becoming more Popular in the Market?

Apple was the first company that introduced a tablet in the market, but later on many companies offered tablets to target increasing numbers of customers in the market. You should remember few things before purchasing any android tablet, as it must support web browsing, email, twitter, Facebook, and much more. Processor is the most important part of android tablets and device’s performance will totally depend on it. If you want to purchase the best model, then you should look for the devices with over 1-GB processor. But, if you have tight budget then you can purchase it with 600MB processor. Many firms are developing these processors but CortexA8 is the most recommended brand.

Android tablets are available in two different sizes, seven inches and ten inches. If you want to enjoy videos at larger screen, then obviously you should prefer ten inches. If you want to feel comfortable in office timings, then seven inches tablet would remain perfect for you.


As far as RAM is concerned, Android tablets are available with 512-MB and 1-GB RAM. External memory cards can be attached to increasing storage memory. Internet connectivity is provided through Wi-Fi and 3G support features. Camera allows users to video chat with their friend and family members. If you want to use internet without any interruption then you should only prefer 3G option, because Wi-Fi service can be found only in limited area. If you want to get best results from your camera, then you should not forget to buy android tablet with HD quality camera support.

Android tablets are considered as same as laptops, but you do not need to fold these after use. Like laptops, tablets entertain you through browsing website features, where you can watch music or movies and can read the e-books as well. Tablets do not need to put in the bag, and you can carry your device everywhere with ease. Due to this portability feature, android tablets demand is increasing as compare to laptops.

Android tablets are cheaper than the Galaxy and iPad. The reason behind lower price is Android operating system itself, and manufacturers need only to develop tablets and install it in the devices. Android operating system can be installed same as any other software. It is observed that few android tablet models are even cheaper than half price of iPad and Samsung Galaxy tab.


If you want to customize any application, or want a new one to meet your business requirements, you can find experts and professionals online to get assistance. It is necessary to list all requirements and discuss it with professionals, you are going to hire for your application task. Many companies provide services of these professionals on the websites, but selecting the right one is very important. If you do not want to face any trouble later, then you should read reviews about company and their experts.

Thus, Android operating system has made everything possible for its users. It is developed to defeat iPhones, and its amazing features have enforced people to look for these devices instead of iPhones or iPads.


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