Back Up your Data, Use Customized Themes by Rooting your Android

These days, countless Smartphone’s have been introduced in the markets having different features and functions. Different Smartphones have different operating systems installed in them and different OS works in different ways. Android Smartphoneshas gained worldwide popularity and has become really very common among people because of their countless great specs and functions. The android is basically designed for the touch screen Smartphones and even the tablet PCs. It was introduced in 2005 for the very first time and there has been introduced countless new versions of the Android OS. They have got the best and unique features that include the process of rooting as well. There are various benefits of rooting an Android device.

The very first Android Smartphone was sold in the market in October 2008. Millions of Smartphones all over the world have android OS installed in them and more than 190 countries are using them. One great feature of the Android Smartphones is the android rooting. This is basically the process that allows the Smartphone and touch tablet users to attain the root access within the subsystems of android.


Usually the android rooting is performed with the goal that the carriers and hardware manufacturers should put on some devices with overcoming limitations, and it results in the user’s ability to alter the system of apps and also the settings to run and perform the specialized apps that are usually inaccessible to the normal android users. The process of rooting in android is also compared to the process of jail breaking devices that are available in the IOS operating system in apple iPhones. There are many advantages as well as disadvantages of rooting in AndroidSmartphones. The advantages of the rooting of android include:

  • Custom Themes:

The graphics that appear on the screen of the android mobiles are the themes. Rooting allows the Android users to customize each and every graphic in their android device. The users can very easily load the custom themes in their Smartphones with the help of rooting.

  • Backing up Data:

With the rooting process, the backing up of the android devices has become really very easy. The backing up of the apps and the data on the phone is one great feature that has made the android operating system better than all the other systems. Every android user must have the titanium backup app in their android Smartphone because after the rooting of the device, this app helps in backing up data and restoring the device.


  • Unlocking Additional Features:

By rooting the android device, a user can also unlock some features of his/her Smartphone without much difficulty. This has helped a number of android users to unlock the features of their AndroidSmartphones totally without any cost.

The disadvantages of android rooting include:

  • Bricking:
    Rooting can sometimes become really very dangerous for the Android devices because of the risk of bricking. This means that bricking can totally screw up the Android device.
  • Security:
    The rooting process is not totally secure for the Android devices because of a number of reasons. The android rooting circumvents the restrictions of security that are usually placed in the place of the operating system of android.

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