What are the Easy Ways of Rooting Android

Mobile phone developers do not allow the root access to the users. This is done to prevent device from attack of spyware. Due to this fact users can’t get access to all the functions and apps. In order to make the best possible use of their android operating device, users root out their devices. This task can be accomplished manually as well as making use of software. IT experts and programme developers have introduced many tools and softwres that can easily perform the actions. One must keep in mind few things while rooting android device.

Having a root access to the operating system of a device means that it is vulnerable to the attack of spyware and folders and data in it can easily become corrupt. If you use an outdated version of the tool for rooting or following wrong steps then your device can become completely useless instead of being completely useless. There are following steps which a user should follow carefully to successfully accomplish entire rooting process.


  1. Keep your device fully charged so that battery does not get down easily and process gets completed smoothly without any disturbance. It is advised that one should prefer to use software or other such tool instead of running commands. It is because doing the process manually can let you to do many mistakes as greater care is needed in this regard.
  2. Rooting your android means that you will not have any more access to all the installed data this can be messages and contact from your friends, all the music videos, and fun apps, game stores and other downloaded stuff. However, the internal data remains the same. It is highly recommended that you make a back up for all the external data to prevent them from being expired.
  3. Rooting Android also needs you to have a PC and a connecting medium like data able. First of all you have to download related software on your computer. It is necessary that you have downloaded all the desired drivers before connecting your android device with your PC. Run setup to install it. After completion of installation the icon of it appears in desktop. connect your device you PC and start the proces
  4. Now connect your device with your system. You just have to open the downloaded tool in the form of software. This will simply ask you to root. You will see the options for many devices that tool can root. You only have to look for you own android device that you want to root. After finding it, click on it.
  5. After sometimes, the process will get completed; the software will notify you when it is done with rooting the operating system of your device. Then disconnect your device from PC.  After this reboot your device and check modifications you made by using the tool.


Since, you are using software tool, so there are chances that you don’t follow any wrong step and your device completes the operation successfully.

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