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Iphone has made the lives of humans but the issue which is generally arising is battery life problem. It would be very frustrating if you charge your phone last night and on the next day, half of the battery is consumed. This is general problem which is coming from the users but there are three steps in order to reduce the usage of battery. These three steps are:

  • You will find a sensor on top right of your iphone that keeps your phone brighten but if you will¬† take the phone in the dark room it will require less power as a result of that it will consume less battery.
  • If you are not using WI-FI so keep it off because it consumes a lot of battery. If you are using it then put it on.
  • GPS is also a facility which you will get in iphone, so you should be careful about that if you are not using it so you should be keep it off in order to reduce the battery usage.



Iphone has an ability to locate you exactly where you are at the particular point and time. It lacks in privacy but now new application has been introduced in order to untrack you. You have to install the application for not tracking you which is named as untracked cydia app.


The smart phones nowadays replaced desktop and laptops. In the world, there are large numbers of android users. Making android application is now very common among the people. I think it is important to make applications based on specific requirements. You have to add tags to your application otherwise people will not use your applications. Many companies are developing android applications; if you are associated with those companies you will surely get an idea. If you want to customize application so refer to the application customization kit. As you will get directions so it will be very helpful for you and saves your precious time.



Jail breaking device let you to enjoy more of the applications but at the same time it also increases the chance of viruses on your smart phone. Jail breaking is also done through various soft wares.  The following steps should be followed for jail breaking:

  • Phone should be fully charged and you should have USB and ADK drivers on the computer.
  • There is a chance that you may lose your personal data so make a back up of that.
  • Manually jail breaking requires coding which should be used carefully.


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