Why New Domain is better than Subdomain Or Subdirectory for Addon blogs

While creating a new blog, we all are left with these 3 options:

*Create a subdomain for new blog
*Create the blog in sub-directory
*Create a new Domain for new blog

So, which is the best?
I was reading shoutmeloud.com on this topic and he has very-well explained all these 3.

Create a subdomain for new blog
When you new blog’s content is different from your current niche
Example: You have a blog on humor and you would like to write for technology. You should go for something like

Create the blog in sub-directory
When you new blog’s content is related to your current niche, but on different topic
Example: You have a blog on Java and you want to write for Php then you can opt for something like

Create a new Domain for new blog
But inspite of all these, I would still prefer the third option of registering a new domain.
The reason being say, if someone searches something on Google then Google isn’t going to show only your site in all its results. But if you have another domain then Google can show your both sites to the users.
Example: Say you have 2 technical blogs, one on Java and other on Php

Now, someone searches any generic word as programming. Then your both blogs can appear on Google results but if you have created one blog as a subdomain or subdirectory of other, only one will keep that importance in Google Results.

Let me know your views on this


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