How to protect content from copied – Copy Protect Plugin

Many bloggers or website administrators do fear of the thieves that do copy the content of their blogs or websites. Obviously, you are working so hard and writing something for your site and one steals everything without even giving a penny to you. If you get to know him, definitely you can take any action against him. But why not restrict him at the first go itself. Wouldn’t it be better if he is unable to copy? I know it is difficult to do but atleast you can place certain hurdles in his way.

What can be done is you can disable the right-click on your blog so that the visitor is unable to copy the content. If you own a site without any CMS then you have to code by own for this functionality but if you own any CMS then probably you can get any plugin for that. I don’t know about other content management systems but if you are on WordPress then the plugin stated below can do this for you.

WP-copy Protect is the solution for WordPress blogs. This plugin disables the right click and thus, disallows the content-thief to copy your hard-work. But this plugin of wordpress is also not 100% in itself. The person can still go to View Source and copy the material but still its better as it increases atleast, some obstacles in his path.

So, if you want, you can download WP-Copy Protect at TheChetan

Alternatively, you can also download from WordPress-Directory.

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