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I am back into blogging and hopefully 🙂 will continue to blog now. I will cover articles on Web Hosting, Technology, Internet, etc. I will also provide you free coupons for hosting, freebies softwares.

I am just a little confused about future of TechOfweb:
1. Shall I switch my blog to an Iphone blog, where I can write only about Iphone (Apps), Android etc?
2. Shall I continue writing technical, freebies, and web hosting articles?
3. Shall I combine the points 1? And 2. in this TechOfWeb

Could anyone/everyone guide me on this?

But yes, you will again see good posts here on my blog.

Update on 27 July 2011

I am writing here to let all of you know that I have build my mind and been following the trend from the past many months. The trend of writing that I asked to all my readers is been clear to me now. I am posting according to the first point declared above.

My blog’s’ readers, subscribers suggested me the same as following one niche is always fruitful for a blogger as people like to visit one niche website instead of the site that writes on all the topics. The same minded traffic is good to get success in online world.

This is also proving useful to me as the traffic is increasing day by day and I am also feeling very happy on this. I am also pleased to provide the readers a useful stuff and nice tutorials that they find difficult in finding from any other place.

Please if you could let us know how TechOfWeb is going for you.



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