How To Trace Mobile Phone Numbers in India

If you are getting a miss call from any unknown number, and if you want to know the location of that number, there is no need to call him back for that. Read the article below and know how to Trace any mobile number in India.

Now you see there are many telecommunication companies in the market like Airtel, Vodafone, Reliance, Tata, Aircel and many more. Even previously the companies like Reliance and Tata Telecom; which were providing only CDMA services have now started to provide GSM service also.

Even the operators are releasing new series day by day. So it is hard to remember and find that the number is from which state and of which company. Previous there was only 9xxxx series but after that it came 8xxxx series and now 7xxxx series is also in the market.

So now I am coming to the point. If you want to trace any mobile number, there is two simple ways. The first way to track is through wikipedia. Wikipedia provides you a complete list of all series of mobile numbers from where you can easily get the location of the number. In the list, the first 2 digit is of Operator Code, the next 2 digits are Zone Code and rest 6 are user number. You can understand it easily on having a look on the list. Just click on the link Mobile Telephone Numbering System in India. This contact-list is updated on regular basis.

Trace Mobile Phone Numbers

There is also one another method and I will suggest you to use this method to track the numbers, which I am also using. It is quite simple and easy to use. You need to just enter the mobile number of which you want to get the details. This will show you the operator as well as whether it is CDMA or GSM.
Just follow this link Trace Mobile Phone Numbers in India for Free.

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