TechOfWeb again on Daily Edition Woo Themes

After playing with 2-3 free themes, I again switched my blog to Daily Edition, a premium WordPress theme from Woo Themes. Daily Edition is a nice theme that provides lots of customizations and options to play with. But the theme like other themes, needs some customization from your side as […]

TechOfWeb resumes again

I am back into blogging and hopefully 🙂 will continue to blog now. I will cover articles on Web Hosting, Technology, Internet, etc. I will also provide you free coupons for hosting, freebies softwares.

Blogging for passion or for money

Blogging is becoming popular more and more now-a-days. Someone blogs for passion while the other becomes a blogger because he think that with this, he can earn a lot of money. I do remember that last year’s recession forced some of my friends to join blogging industry to earn some […]

TechOfweb opened their services

Today, we have added 2 new pages to our Pages section i.e., Services and Portfolio. From now onwards, we would be providing our services to the required ones at nominal fees. We are just starting with our Banner and Logo Designing service. Soon we would be expanding our services to […]

Should videos be embedded in posts

If you enjoyed this post, make sure to subscribe to my rss feed. Embedding videos in posts is good or bad? This might be many peoples’ question, especially of peoples who have just started blogging. All such bloggers might be surfing the internet to get its answer.

TechOfWeb Theme changed

If you enjoyed this post, make sure to subscribe to my rss feed. Today, I changed my blog’s theme to DailyEdition Woo Themes. I won this theme in a contest organized by smashinggeeks. Thanks to smashing Geeks. DailyEdition is a premium wordpress theme. Premium Themes have always been an advantage over free […]

Is Alexa Rank worth of use

Every blogger wants a good high Alexa Ranking for his/her website or blog. I have also written an article Easiest Way To Increase Alexa Rank. But does Alexa Rank really worth of use? Are there any benefits of Alexa ranking. If you have good alexa Rank, you can prove your […]

Easiest Way to Increase Alexa Rank

Alexa Ranking keeps an important place for every website. Here is easy way for any site to boost its Alexa Ranking. Alexa ranks the sites based on the daily pageviews i.e., how many visitors/visits your website is receiving. Also, ranking done by alexa is updated every 24 hours. If your […]