TechOfWeb again on Daily Edition Woo Themes

After playing with 2-3 free themes, I again switched my blog to Daily Edition, a premium WordPress theme from Woo Themes.

Daily Edition is a nice theme that provides lots of customizations and options to play with. But the theme like other themes, needs some customization from your side as well. I was feeling lazy in modifying the themes files according to my requirement. So was searching a complete theme that requires nothing to do. I tried many free themes, thought once of buying much hyped Thesis also. But thesis also needs customizations. So, now I have made my mind to stick with DailyEdition and am modifying it as per my needs.

Inspite of the fact that my present theme needs some modifications (which every theme needs); Daily Edition is a nice theme. Woo Themes have always been a symbol of appreciation by all. I have seen many successful bloggers happy with their Woo Themes. So, I will also stick to Woo Themes.

Upto 31 December 2010, Woo Team is also offering Huge Christmas Discounts.

Please let me know what you think of my blog’s layout and let me know if I need to modify something else too. I have edited it much and have edited the php code and css as well. The look and feel is giving me a good feeling and my blog’s readers are also appreciating it. Please let me know your views too.

If you want to try Woo, you can get it here

Woo Themes Huge Christmas Discounts

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