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Embedding videos in posts is good or bad? This might be many peoples’ question, especially of peoples who have just started blogging. All such bloggers might be surfing the internet to get its answer.

If user likes the video on your post, then obviously he/she will remain on your blog post for a long time which means the video is increasing your visitor time on your site, which in turn is good from SEO point of time. If you give a good reason to the visitor to stay on your website for a longer period of time then Google will love your visitor’s this activity and in turn will love you and your blog. But at the same time, it increases your page size by some bytes. But I think that can be ignored as you are getting visitor loyalty by this.

So try to include videos in your posts, wherever possible. But irrelevant videos and embedding videos just to increase visitor time on site should be avoided. Include videos where there is a need else your visitors will start avoiding your website as a whole. But it’s true that embedding videos if done properly can prove plus point for your blog.

I have seen many bloggers when they started inserting the video tutorials on their websites have started getting more Visitor-Loyalty. The users stay more on the website. Say, if a user avoids reading the article but if he thinks to see the video and the video is 1 minute in length then if he watches it from start to end then obviously the time on site increases by 1 minute.



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