Is Alexa Rank worth of use

Every blogger wants a good high Alexa Ranking for his/her website or blog. I have also written an article Easiest Way To Increase Alexa Rank. But does Alexa Rank really worth of use? Are there any benefits of Alexa ranking. If you have good alexa Rank, you can prove your dominance over web 🙂 Isn’t it good. That’s it. Alexa rank can just do this. Traffic of any website does not depend on Alexa Ranking. But then also to gain repo in blogosphere and in internet among webmasters, you should have a reputable Alexa ranking of your website, instead of the fact that it can be manipulated easily.

With lower Alexa Numerical Number, you can get good ads from the third parties. You can show your superiority on the internet. If the ranking is bad and the number is very high then nobody is going to pay any attention on your blog or website and chances are very less that people will give you private ads but if the number is low then in lieu of that, you can ask for money.

Some Private Ad Exchange Programs like BuySellAds, Performancing Ads etc. will not accept you if your rank is not upto the mark. One factor of evaluating and weighing the site is its ranking also. No doubt, every engine and every algorithm can be gamed but for gaming also, you need to work hard. You need to know some tips and need to optimize your site according to those tips.

So, I would say that you should try your best to increase all rankings, especially Alexa and Google PR. But this should also be followed in a sequence and as per the passing of time. If you want to make your site at good stand on the first day itself, you can’t do that. It’s almost impossible and had it been possible, then also it should not have been followed.

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