How To Filter Ads on Android Mobiles

Many of you like to surf ads free. Some of you might also have blocked the ads on your desktop computer. But how to block the ads on mobile phones. Well, here I can show you the trick to block ads on your Android smartphones while browsing and surfing the internet.

How To Filter Ads on Android Mobiles
Adfree Filtering Ads

Make sure that your phone is rooted for this trick to work.

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We are showing you here 3 different ways to block the advertisements on your mobile phone. The easiest one is first one.

Blocking Ads on Android Phones

First Method
1. Go to Android Market and download Adfree app.

2. Install the app on your mobile.

3. That’s it. It is the simplest process to follow.

Second Method
Just follow the below steps and you are all done. The steps have been verified on HTC Dream G1

1. Download hosts.txt file.

2. You may need to run dos2unix over this file to remote \\r characters.

3. Rename the file to hosts

4. Copy the file to your device’s /system/etc

5. Now you will get rid for most of your ads.

Third Method
Alternatively, you can also follow the below steps, again tested on HTC Dream G1

1. Download the Terminal App from Market.

2. Type su to become root

3. Remount system partition read write
mount -o remount,rw /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system

4. Enter into the cd directory
cd /system/etc

5. rm hosts file
rm hosts

6. Get the hosts.txt file now by typing as below. Make sure that O hosts has O capital.
wget -O hosts
If the above command does not work, try the below one
wget -O hosts
Is still the above doesn’t work, try below command:
wget -O hosts

Support for all 3 methods at xda app thread


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