Drag and Add Images in between your messages in Gmail

After providing the facility of dragging the attachments right into the gmail, gmail has now gone a step ahead and now you can also drag your images in between your messages.

You can drag images from your computer right into your mail. Instead of old fashioned Attach –> Browse –> Select File feature, now you just need to select the file on your pc and drag it onto your message window. You might have tried this in Lotus Notes etc. before and such feature is being added now into GoogleMail also.

Above this, if you want, images can also be resized to any desirous size.

After you drag the pictures in your message, just click the Send button and you are done. Your sent message will now contain that photo and your friend will be able to see it easily on his computer.

Just see the below mail I composed.

Drag Images In Gmail

By providing such enriched features, the Google mail is trying to provide its users every possible way to interact with its mail server.

It’s obvious that soon other Mail-Service providers will soon start to make the same service available to all their users.

I would say that this dragging is a very important update as it creates a professionalism and saves very much time. Say, you want to upload 10 images in one e-mail then at first instance, you will think to avoid the uploading and sending as it will consume your whole time and efforts. And if you use the dragging thing, the 10 minutes task can be completed in just 1 minute. Isn’t it worth trying?

I have started using this facility. You can also try the same now and let us know if you like this new facility.

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