changing to in UK

Anyone when signup for new gmail account gets a mailId at, except for UK people which were getting But soon they would also get mail Ids.

Almost a week after, anybody who registers for a new email account in UK will get account.

Google will also allow existing accounts to switch to if they want.

Google on its blog declared that the word ‘gmail’ is around 50% less characters than the word ‘googlemail’. In United Kingdom, it has good number of users and if they will change this domain name for all of them then it will save a very large number of daily keystrokes. The approximate number would be around 60 million key-strokes per day. Each stroke emits around 217 microjoules of energy and 60 strokes emit (60×217 = 13,020 microjoules) of energy per day. So, this step is for the conservation of the environment.

The company said that they realized that when they are giving one domain for every user irrespective of his/her country then why should give different to just citizens of one country. It’s a sort of discrimination and doesn’t look good on part of the big giant. Also, when they saw that their step will be mutually but even far more than beneficial to the environment then they thought to move on with the thought changes.

For users also it’s good as it’s obvious that is easier to write than complete googlemail. So, United Kingdom people will also be happy with this move as they will have to use less energy by typing less characters and can send mails early than before 🙂

So, UK users, welcome to Gmail 🙂

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