Android for Twitter is available

Twitter, working with Android team, launched a Twitter application for Android phone.

This app will allow you to share any video, url or photo just with the click of a single button.

Just click Share button and select Twitter.

Download Android Twitter App
Twitter Android App

With android for twitter, you can share your favorite items right from your android phones as you do on your computer.

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As per twitter blog, Google will be open sourcing the code used in this app in the coming future, so that more and more people could become habitual of its Mobile operating system.

This is just the beginning. We’ll be creating more great ways to read, find, and share what’s happening on your Android phone soon!

No doubt, this will make tweeting more easily.

The Twitter for Android app is available for Android 2.1 phones and above.

The Mobile Application does the complete job as the Web Client. It is made the complete ditto copy of web service. It allows you to send tweets to all, mention anyone while tweeting, search anything etc.

Twitter Android App Features

  • Sending Tweets to all without mentioning anyone.
  • Tweeting by mentioning any particular person
  • Searching
  • Browsing Favorite Interests
  • Finding friends
  • Following the friends
  • Sharing Photos
  • Sharing Videos and any website or blogs urls.
  • Viewing the Maps
  • Viewing the Trending Topics
  • Seeing the suggested users
  • Seeing the number of lists and in whom you are added.

Download Twitter App For Android

You can download it from Market

Update June 19, 2011:

People have started using this client and it has made their work a lot easy. If you own Android smartphone and still missing it, you should try it now.

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