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Every computer or Mobile Phone user uses copy/paste method a lot. Sometimes you copy some text and then accidentally copy other text and end in losing the first copied text. So, if use an Android device, Clipboard Contents can prove useful to you.

Clipboard Contents is a clipboard manager that saves your clipboard contents for future use. The contents from clipboard history can be copied again and can be shared/ used where required. If the clipboard becomes bulky, you can also delete the contents or even empty the complete clipboard.
Clipboard Contents

If you don’t require this Copy-Paste app, you can turn it off from Settings. You can also customize the operations of this app according to your own needs. This app stops its clipboard collection automatically when the Android device is not in use. Thus, it saves your battery power.

The app can easily be turned off from Settings if it is no longer needed and its operations can also be customized to match the user’s needs. When your Android device is not in use, the clipboard collection is intelligently stopped, helping to preserve battery power.

Clipboard Contents is a simple and lightweight clipboard manager which watches your clipboard for any changes and saves its contents for later use.

The contents from the clipboard history can be copied into the clipboard again; they can be deleted, and shared too. Any links in the contents will be quickly picked up and extra options will be available to open or share them directly from the device.

Please note that that when you reboot/shutdown your Android device or disable this app manually then all the contents saved in clipboard will be lost.

Download Clipboard Contents.

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