Priority Inbox added in Gmail for Mobile Phones

Sometimes back, Gmail introduced Priority Inbox feature for desktop version of mail. The same feature is now been added in Gmail for Mobile Phones. Priority Inbox feature lets you prioritize the emails. You can quickly focus on your important emails first rather than scanning whole list of mails. Priority Inbox automatically identifies the important messages to let them read first.

How to set up Priority Inbox in Gmail for Mobile
First you need to setup Priority Inbox in your gmail desktop version. Now, open gmail on your Mobile Phones from your phone’s browser. Click on the ‘Menu’ screen. You will see the importance markers in your mail’s inbox. With these markers, you know which messages are important for you and which are not. You can fist concentrate on these important emails and can neglect the others for time-being.
Gmail Priority Inbox

This feature is available for devices running Android 1.5+ and iOS 3+. The browser should support HTML5, for this gmail mobile app to work.

For any suggestions/feedback, visit Google’s Mobile Help Center and forum.

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