How to send Google Buzz Automatically to Twitter

Google Buzz provides a facility to link your twitter account to Buzz so that when you send a tweet to your friends on twitter, a buzz is automatically send to your buzz account. This functionality is provided in built in Google Buzz.

For this, open your Gmail account and click on Buzz icon, which will open its window in the same screen. At the top of its window, you will se ‘Connected sites’. When you will click that, a pop up will appear which will show you the list of connected sites. You can click on any one and add it to allow its posts to appear on buzz-stream. There is one option of ‘Twitter’ too. Enter your username from which you want the feeds to appear from. That’s it.

But what if you want to do the reverse? i.e., if you want your buzz to send to twitter. Then you have to take the help of any automated posting software for this. One such software tool is ‘BuzzCanTweet’.

BuzzCanTweet provides an easy way to send your Google Buzz’s to your Twitter account automatically. With BuzzCanTweet, you can tweet the buzz messages. The messages will also include a link back to your Buzz account.

See the below buzz I sent from mine Techofweb Twitter account

buzz twitter

Please note that initially my Twitter image was with this one, which later on I changed to the present one. So, please don’t confuse it with the current gravatar. Also, the gravatar that you are seeing in this image is my another account now. Which one – research please 🙂

So, now you can buzz twitter 🙂

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