How to add Adsense code to the Left of Post

I have seen many people complaining about their low Adsense earnings. Some of them say that they get very much visitors but then also average number of clicks are very less. The reason is that you don’t provide the reason to your visitors to provide you the money the easy way.

If you want high CTR then consider placing the ad codes near the content, especially one slot should be near the left hand side of the article. Many bloggers put the 336×280 or 300×250 adlsot above the article and below the title. But it will not give you good CTR. You must try to place it on the left hand side of content and just below the h1 title. You will see a remarkable increase in the earnings. But question is how to do this?

Adding Adsense code to the left or right of post typically increases Adsense CTR. Some ad monetized themes provide this functionality within their themes. But some themes don’t provide it. So we are going to do it – a simple hack of your theme.

Placing Adsense Code To Side Of Article

Add Adsense to left of post
1.Login to your WordPress Dashboard.
2.Go to Appearance –> Editor and open Single Post (single.php).
3.Search for

<?php the_content(__(‘Continue Reading &raquo;’)); ?>

Or you might have,

<?php the_content(__(‘Read the rest of entry &raquo;’)); ?>

4.Before it insert a div in such way

<div style=”float:left;”>your Adsense code goes here</div>

If you want your Adsense code to be shown to the right of post use float:right as

<div style=”float:right;”>your Adsense code goes here</div>

See below

<div style=”float:left;”>
<script type=”text/javascript”>
<!–google_ad_client = “pub-xxxxxxxxxxxx”;
google_ad_slot = “xxxxxxx”;
google_ad_width = 336;
google_ad_height = 280;
<script src=””></script>
<?php the_content(__(‘Continue Reading &raquo;’)); ?>

That’s it .
NOTE: Replace your Adsense code with this code  🙂


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