Turn your Android Tablet / Smartphone into second monitor with iDisplay

Do you want to turn your Android Tablet or smartphone to the second monitor of your computer? Yes, you can do this with iDisplay app. iDisplay is an universal app for Android that is designed to increase your productivity by maximizing the screen area of your computer. You can connect your Android phone to your Windows computer or Mac OS X and your Android will behave as a second monitor.

iDisplay is ideal for multi-tasking users and for those who are looking to increase their output. You can move your some of the programs to the second monitor i.e., this Android tablet. When you have 2 screens, you have more visual space and thus can increase your efficiency.

Parts of iDisplay
iDisplay consists of 2 parts:
* Mobile client: The app costs you $4.00 and you can purchase this by logging into your Android Market.
* Desktop Service: This is free that you can download from here

Features of iDisplay for Android
1. Extend the display – Spread the desktop over both displays and drag the items between two screens.
2. 100% Compatible – Works with the Samsung Galaxy Tab, Google Nexus One, or any other Android tablet or smartphone on the market.
3. Different screen orientations – Works in portrait or landscape device orientations.
4. Duplicate displays – View the same desktop on both the monitor and the Android device.

iDisplay for Android in Action
iDisplay Android



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