Win A Nexus S phone free on Christmas

Techcrunch has started a contest in which it will give 1 Google Nexus S free to 1 lucky reader of its blog.

Google Nexus S is the best android phone in today’s market.

Rules of contest
1. Join TechCrunch Facebook fan page.
2. Retweet the post at tech-crunch website using hashtag

#TechCrunch or leave a comment mentioning your need to get Nexus S phone.

Win Google Nexus S Android phone free

Please note that this hashtag is mandatory. I would suggest that you lay a good comment mentioning that why you need this smartphone and what you will do if you win this handset. You can also mention in the comment your present handset model. If your present handset is any old model then you can say that since it is of olden days mobile, it must be upgraded now. It is not necessary to say all this as there is no where mentioned that you should have an inferior phone to win this. It is just a contest and the lucky winner will hopefully be selected by a random draw. So, just luck will play in it instead of any other skills.

The contest will end on 12 pm PST, December 25, 2010.

Please note that you need to tweet the post only once. If you will tweet more times, techcrunch will reject your nomination. So, make sure that you do not overdose in an attempt to get selected.

The selected participant will be announced this weekend and will be contacted by the organizing team by the same day or atmost the next day.

How to enter the contest
Enter the contest and win Nexus S free at

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