Download SkyFire Browser for iPad

Skyfire Web Browser Version 2.0.0 for iPad is available at Apple’s iTunes Store for just $4.99
This version was released on December 22, 2010 and is tested on iOS 4.0. It requires iOS 3.2 or later.

Total size of the app is 2.2 MB and it supports English and German languages.

What’s SkyFire?
Skyfire is iPad’s browser which one can see Flash videos on iPad. Also, the browser allows integrating social networking sites. At present, it supports around 100,000 sites.
Download SkyFire Browser for ipad
* Private browsing
* Support for Flash Videos.
* Share anything from browser on Twitter, Facebook, Instapaper, Read it later, Pinboard and GReader.
* All standard browsing functionality such as tab support, bookmarking, search, history, cookies etc.
* Desktop option in which sites load as a Desktop Browser.

Following applications are not supported by Skyfire
* Flash Apps and Flash games
* Hulu
* All TV websites except of United States
* Not all websites using Flash Video work
* Videos take around 15-30 seconds to load

Download SkyFire Web Browser for iPad

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