ASUS ET2040 Personal Computer: A complete package

Asus has once again come up with a more advanced solution to the daily computing needs of people from the business are or the students. Asus ET2040 is a new All-in-One PC that Asus is launching in India. This is extremely fashionable and yet multi-functional Personal computer. Asus is offering a premium next generation computing experience to its users by its latest Asus ET2040. This particular computer is equipped with a blazing fast Intel next generation processer which makes the computer perform difficult task effortlessly. It has a memory space of 500 GB and after buying this comport you get a free 100GB storage on Asus cloud storage service for keeping a backup and preventing data loss. Asus ET2040 has got a 19.5 inch display screen which gives a premium experience to the users. The more details of the physical attributes of the gadget can be viewed in this website.

The graphic performance of Asus ET2040 is extremely high and it offers an optimum quality high definition videos. The 3D films or HD rip of any movie gives an ultimate experience in this display. The pixel rate is higher and it offers a richer and denser picture quality. Many graphic intensive games were run in this system and Asus ET2040 ran smoothly and without any glitch. Thus if you are a gamer then also Asus ET2040 will serve you equal to the specialized gaming laptop. To get a full review of the product you can visit the official Asus website.

Asus ET2040

Asus Et2040 comes with a new technology by which you can control any type of media files with hand gestures without touching the screen. Asus has developed and evolved this technology and in the latest ET2040 you can change the photos raise the volume and go for the next song from a distance without even touching the keypad or screen. The advanced hand gesture technology in ET2040 is worth praising. The design of this model is done with main consideration of space management and it is a really power packed personal computer.

It has a built in back up supply. That means you don’t have to lose your files and documents whenever there is a power failure. Unlike other All-in-One Personal computer ET2040 has a power back up of itself and can buy the user a time of as long as half hour thus allowing him to save all the valuable data and thus prohibiting any data loss. This device is available in the stores as well as online through Amazon. This can be considered as the best all-purpose computer for business works and also for students. It can be used widely by all possible users of computers.

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