How to Autofill comments in comment form – Easy Comment

How to fill comments of any website or blog automatically?

Comments can be filled automatically in any comment form on Firefox browser through EasyComment firefox addon. You can save your details once in this easy-comment form and then it will automatically fill your comments section, while you are commenting on other blogs/websites.

This firefox addon is must for you if you are a regular commentator because it becomes difficult to fill in all the details every time. And if you just need to click a button and all the details fill automatically then it can increase your commenting speed and the number of comments in one day.

This plugin can increase your commenting ability. You can build more backlinks in less time and easily too 🙂

Installation of Easy Comment:
1.Open Firefox browser

2.Go to Easy comment Firefox Add-On at

3.Click Add on Firefox

4.Restart Firefox

Click on Tools—Add Ons.

Click options next to Easy Comment.

Fill in your details and click save. Leave comment section blank as you have to fill in different comments every time.You can see easy comment as text in bottom right hand corner of Firefox. Now, while commenting on any blog or website, click on that text-icon and the comment-form would be filled-in automatically.

Do let us know about your views that how it went after installing.


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