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It’s a common thing for youngsters to change the mobile phones now-a-days. Some change the handsets to impress their friends, the friend can be either boyfriend or girlfriend and others change the handsets due to the new model available in the market. Some become bored with one set and then they think to switch to new one.

Switching to new models is not bad but infact; the old things should be discarded. But my point here is that what we should do with the old unused sets. I have seen some of my friends that they just throw the old sets in the dustbins when they get new ones. Some sell them at cheaper prices which is good. The others want to sell but unfortunately, they are not in a position to attract buyers and then they are compelled to throw them in their waste-packs.

I think it is not worth to throw these unused sets in the garbage. I am not saying this due to my any emotional attachment with the old things. Infact, I am not emotional :). But the point that I want to highlight here is the ‘Environmental Deterioration’. These old sets get accumulated in the drainage. They thus block the drainage system and also add to the environmental pollution.

Sell-my-mobile website is the solution to this. The company keeps an important place in saving our environment from this garbage and dust. The company compares the websites that acts as buyers for these unused and old smartphones. You can check this site and can get the best deal in selling your mobile or Envirophone.

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Compare Old Phones Costs

I am letting you here the detailed process by which you can search the best price for your old mobile.

1. Go to sell my phone website.

2. In the top most section, you will see a search-box.

3. Enter the model of your mobile in that search-box.

4. Click the ‘Search’ button.

5. You will see a tabular form of search results.

6. Please see the photo below when I searched for ‘Samsung A’.

Compare Mobiles Recycling sites

7. I was getting the results based on Ajax technology which I liked it.

8. Also, when I clicked the search button for the first time, I was shown various models of ‘Samsung A’, that is all the models of mobiles of Samsung that start with my query.

9. I selected one which stated ‘Samsung A411’ and got three deals for my mobile.

10. You can see the various buyers that are ready to accept your mobile. You can select anyone which you think can give you more money.

11. Click the corresponding ‘Sell Now’ button.

12. You will be redirected to that company’s website.

13. There you can pay and earn some money from your old phone.

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