Save Android Mobile Charging with Easy Battery Saver app

Do you own an Android mobile and always remain busy on your mobile phone talking with your friends’ or you are a music-lover and you always keep your phone for listening to your favorite songs then you might be annoyed with your mobile’s battery that loses its capacity soon. You might be thinking that if you were a magician then you would have never allowed your phone to lose the charging. You might have made your mobile to go without any power for forever. But the sad thing is that you are not a magician :). Yes, it is sad and I am with you in this :). But don’t worry; I have a solution for you.

I can’t make you magician but I can give you something that can increase your mobile’s battery to some extent. Here, I am talking of Android application ‘Easy Battery Saver’ that helps you in extending your phone’s battery. The app saves the battery of your mobile phone and thus, your handset can go longer without extra charging.

Android app ‘Easy Battery Saver’ does not do any magic on its own but infact, it deals smartly with the network connectivity, brightness of the screen and screen timeout of your phone. And when you are sure that you will not use your phone then the sleep scheduling setting will further save the battery of your smartphone.

Android Easy Battery Saver

The app is an easy to use power manager android application that will suit to your habit and will easily extend the battery of your smartphone.

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The app is very easy to use. You can select any of the available modes and you will see that the issue with your battery is gone altogether. You will see an improvement in the battery and the charging staying period.

There are basically following modes available for you from which you can select the one that you want.

• Normal Mode: It will do nothing and so, should be avoided.

• Advanced Customized: This mode can be considered as the best one from all. You can select the ways on your own.

• Super Power Saving: It increases the stand-by period of your mobile and so, you need not to worry of losing your smartphone at some such times when you need it for sure.

• Intelligent Saving: You will see 8 types of controls in this mode. As the name suggests, it is intelligent enough to save the charging capacity.

• General Saving: It just meets the general needs of your battery.

On the main page, you can see the status of the battery in visual form.

You can download Android app Easy Battery Saver from Market.

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