Compare prices of old mobile phones handsets online

Today’s era can be said as computer-era or more specifically as internet-era. The internet is becoming the need of every individual. But as the time is changing, people are tilting more and more towards mobile phones. I would say that the people have started using the internet on their mobiles now-a-days.

The trend that is becoming popular now-a-days is to do more and more work on mobiles rather than on the desktops or laptops. People love to do the maximum possible work on their phones as phone is a thing that can be carried to anywhere easily. The computer or laptop cannot be taken to everywhere and one cannot keep it with himself or herself at all times. So, a mobile device becomes handy in such a situation.

As the modernity and the desires of peoples to have new things is increasing day by day, so the companies always remain in their efforts to release the new things. The companies keep on launching the new sets from time to time. They organize the various parties and invite some special celebrities whenever they launch any new product or any new version of previously launched product.

People always welcome the newly launched products of any company. The young guys, especially the college students, always wait for the time when any manufacturer launches their new set and they can buy the new handset.

It is good that the students want to try the new things but the bad is that sometimes they ignore their old sets and the old ones keep on lying somewhere. But some boys and girls are nice enough to sell their old handsets so that they can be recycled by the manufacturers. So, for the girls and the boys who are ready to sell their old sets, we are letting you know here a website that compares the prices of old mobiles buyers online. You can compare the value of your handset from all the buyers and then can sell to one from whom you think to get the maximum price.

Mobile Buyers prices comparison website

We are telling you here the detailed process with which you can sell your old unused set.

1. Go to cell phone recycle website.

2. You will see a search box on this page.

3. Enter the model of your cellphone.

4. Click ‘Search’.

5. See the below picture when I searched to sell my cell phone Nokia X6 16 Gb.

Old Mobiles price comparison

6. The good point that I liked in the search feature was that the search was providing me the live recommendations.

7. I got the 6 results for my phone which you all can in the above picture.

8. You can see that the price is varying from 37 to 71 American dollars; a big difference.

9. Click on the ‘Sell Now’ button of the best deal as in my case, it was of 71 dollars :).

10. You will see that you are being redirected to the official website of the buyer.

11. You can then sell your mobile.

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