Complete SMS and call control Android application – CallMaster

Sometimes back, we wrote about calling application for Android – ‘Mr Number‘. This time, we are sharing one more app by the name ‘CallMaster’. The application created by developer ‘Fahrbot’ is the advanced sms and calling firewall for Android mobiles. The app is specially developed for the advanced users though anyone can install and use this app.

Android Call Master Benefits

• Security with password protection.

• Routing the content of message to other numbers.

• Private calling and SMS.

• The calls that are blocked will never pass.

• The screen of your mobile will not turn on anyway.

CallMaster Sms Android app

Android Call Master Features

• The messages can be filtered with content.

• Regular expression and wild-card filtering.

• Scheduling of profiles.

• For piracy, a contact library is there which is independent.

• Customized notifications.

• Text routing and replies are automatic.

• Testing of numbers.

• Sorting system.

• Logging system.

• Encryption.

• Protecting passwords.

CallMaster do not give you any caller-id. It does not control the voicemail and is not a dialer. If you see that the calls to the blocked numbers are appearing in the dialer or messaging app then you should consider adding the Private Conversation action to the list. If you see that data is disconnecting then consider restarting your mobile. If it keeps on happening, you should consider using a good radio for your Rom. If you cannot use any good radio then you should consider changing the Rom.

You will need account for google contacts. This application is not like ‘Call Control’ or ‘Mr Number’. Moreover, it requires Android 2.1 or higher version to work. For the hidden mode, the permissions for outgoing calls are required. For the automatic replies and SMS routing, sms is to be sent. The app will require access to network for looking into the communications system. Logging information is also sent but for that, your acceptance would be taken first and you should make sure that you do not block it else the Android application ‘Call Master’ will stop working. The number of downloads are tracked and this setting also require network access.

Please note that the app requires access to root and when it will run for the first time, you can see the data loss temporarily.

You can download Call Master Android app from Market.

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