Compare Old Mobile Phones Prices Online

You all know that there are several websites that purchases old mobile phones. These companies pay you for your old handset and in turn, recycle those sets. You end up getting some extra money and they end up in earning some smartphones’ body-parts. In this way, both parties get benefited.

But the point now is that from where; one can get the best deal. Since there are several websites, all can’t give the same price. Obviously, one will pay higher and the other will pay less. So, you need an Old Mobile Phone Comparison website. Sellcell comes here that compares the prices of unused cells online.

The online site manages the prices of all handsets of different recycling companies in its database. You can see a vital difference between each company’s prices. For getting the best deal, either you can go to every website or you can just come on sell-cell and can check all the prices on one page.

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Comparing Mobile recycling Prices

To compare and get the best deal to sell your cell phone, follow the below process:
1. Go to the above link and search for your model. Please see below when I searched for iPhone4G.

Compare Mobile recycling prices

2. You can see in the above picture that various buyers are listed on the left-hand side and their prices are listed on right-hand side. The good is that some buyers can also buy your non-working mobiles.

3. The different categories that are listed are: Phone Buyer, Cash Price, Non-Working Price, Free Shipping and Packaging, Payment Method and Period. So, all the information is listed and you can know the exact money that will be in your hands.

4. You can select the company as per your desire.

5. Click ‘Sell Now’ button corresponding to that purchaser.

6. Follow the steps and mail your handset to the purchaser.

7. Once your smartphone is received, you will get the money corresponding to that.

Thus, following above simple steps, you can add something to the environment and can earn some extra cash also.

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