How to compare Mobile Phone Recycling websites prices online

Changing mobile handsets is a common thing now-a-days. People and especially youngsters, keep the handsets for some days and when any manufacturer launches any new model in the market, they buy the new phone and the old one is just discarded.

Such old handsets keep on lying in the people’s homes and after some time, children throw them in the garbage. As such, these deteriorate the environment. Sell-my-mobile comes here which saves our environment by recycling these unused sets. The company itself does not purchase the old mobiles but infact; it is a platform for all recycling companies.

SellMyMobile is a price comparison site that compares the prices of all the recycling websites and thus, provides you the best deal. You can sell mobile at reasonable rates at this website.

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Comparing Old Mobiles prices

As I said, that you can compare the rates at the above link. The company also claims that if you get the best deal anywhere then they can refund the twice of that money.

The process of searching the smartphones cost is very simple. You can follow the below steps for this:
1. You can enter the model of your smartphone in the top-most search-box and can click ‘Search’ button.

2. Clicking the button will show you all the deals and you can check the prices.

3. See the below picture when I searched for ‘Samsung Galaxy 3 i5800’.

Sell old mobile phones

4. You can see that the buyer is listed on the left-hand side with other parameters as Cash/Voucher/New and Non-working prices. You can also see that payment method is also listed. You can check the payment period and also that whether the packaging or postage is free. Beneath each row, rating is also mentioned. In each row, there is ‘Sell Now’ button. You can click this button for selling your mobile.

5. Before clicking ‘Sell Now’ button, please see the best deal and click the corresponding button to sell your handset.

6. After clicking the button, you can go through the instructions and can post your phone for free.

7. Once the company will receive your set, it will send you the required payments.

8. You will get money and can be happy now 🙂

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