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The PSM training introduces and inculcates a broad understanding of Scrum basics and practical Agile tools that work in tandem with Scrum. It provides expertise in implementing and deploying tools and Agile understanding of change and team management practices and applications. Other certification focus areas are conflict resolution, planning, estimation, team dynamics and motivation to ensure collaborative and openly communicative channels in the enterprise.

PSM Certification Trained Professionals and PSM Holders Are Valuable Assets In The Corporate World

The PSM Certification is your endorsement that you have proficiency in the Agile tools and the Scrum Project Management techniques. The PSM training accredits your practical skills of understanding, inspecting, resolving issues while implementing and deploying Scrum and Agile practices attained from the PSM training.

Advanced Learning with the PSM Certification
• To lead and motivate Scrum practitioners
• Learn the basics, functional aspects, attributes and roles of Scrum and being Agile
• Understand the basic empirical basis of Scrum
• To act as a servant-leader based on Scrum Master practices
• To learn to resolve conflicts and tackle challenges
• Practice on real projects applying Agile tools on the Scrum framework
• To upgrade skills, continuously train and prove organisational and personal growth
• To adapt and implement Scrum change management practices
• Increase efficiency in Scrum and practice the Scrum concepts

About the PSM Certification
Effective Scrum Masters must have a deep understanding of best practices, terminology, and values of Scrum. The three PSM certifications demonstrate that those who have achieved these levels are able to respond competently to challenging situations in the real-world context. The value of each PSM Certification is linked to the competency required to achieve it. The 2-day PSM Certification workshop is essential for taking the Scrum recognised CSM exams or the PMI recognised professional Scrum Master Certification.16 SEUs and PDUs or course credits are awarded for completion of the course. On completion of the PSM training, you are enabled and prepared to take the online test assessments for the PSM certifications 1, 2, and 3.

The Professional Scrum Master certification I, II and III levels are achieved after qualifying in the online assessment tests by obtaining a good score. The PSM I holders demonstrate they’re having a deep understanding of Scrum Agile basics. They implement and use internationally accepted Scrum approaches and terminology. PSM II holders are validated as having a deep understanding of the tenets, processes, and principles that underlie the Scrum framework. They have proficiency in the implementation of Scrum practices in the organisation. PSM III certification holders are the aces with a demonstrated level of practice and mastery over the Scrum framework.

KnowledgeHut’s PSM training uses world-class approved comprehensive courseware on Scrum functionality and principles which will help you learn behavioural shifts and advanced servant- leadership values for increased effectiveness in the Agile suite. You are industry ready from day one.

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