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Vopium, a VoIP company is offering free international calls to promote their Vopium International Caller App.

It also supports various IM’s like Google Talk, Yahoo, AIM, ICQ and Skype on Nokia mobile handsets such as N72, 5800 Express Music Edition. You can install their Vopium app and enjoy free calling.

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Vopium company is based in Copenhagen. It is in its efforts to lower down the international calling rates. Now it has released a new Android version of its app. This version integrates the Instant Messaging. With the app, you can call freely to your Google Talk and Skype friends. You can also call to other users that are on Vopium app. You can also chat on GTalk, Yahoo Messenger, MSN, AIQ etc. messengers.

Initially, the instant messaging feature (that is available for Yahoo, MSN, ICQ, AIM, Skype, Google Talk) was only for Nokia handsets but now the company is going advance and is now making this feature available for other mobiles also; such as Blackberry, Apple iphone and iPod. Also, now Windows Phones would also get support with Vopium.

And now, this Vopium is providing a special plan for 2010 Winter Olympics of Vancouver. All the calls made to either the mobile phones or landline numbers would be free but this free call is only upto 28 February, which is the last day of the Winter Olympics 2010 Vancouver. If you want to know more details, you can check the official blog.

Recent earthquake in Haiti made a huge damage. Vopium is also offering free calls to Haiti until March 1, 2010.


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