Handy DIY Tips for Cable TV Subscribers: A Few Things You Can Do To Fix Small Problems with Your Cable TV

It is amazing the number of issues that are called in to the cable company that people can fix in their own homes with minimal effort. Most people assume that since they are paying for the service, they should be able to call their cable company any time and have them come over immediately to fix whatever issue they are having.

Granted, that is why you have for instance, that directv phone number customer service which is your right. However, there are some fixes that you can do yourself and we’ll show you how.

Common problems with common solutions
We’ll look at some of the common complaints that come through to most cable company customer service desks and how you can fix them at home.

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The DVR box isn’t working
This could mean various things: The box may not be displaying items, or it may not be recording or playing items. The first thing you should do is reboot the DVR box, especially if you keep it on most of the day. This usually sorts the problem out.

However, if your TV displays a message relating to the channel, then you may be dealing with a signal issue. Check that the line running into the box is firmly in place, and that the outlet that the box is connected to is working well.

If all these fail, call your cable company.

Some channels are missing
Some people get really touchy here since they are paying for the service. However, this is something that you can easily fix at home.

Start by checking which channels are missing. If you have multiple cable boxes, check if these channels are missing from all those boxes. Should the same channels be missing from all your boxes, check if your main connection has any kind of water damage. If there’s no water damage, then call you cable company to find out if they are having a problem with those channels in your area or if it’s just you.

Intermittent Internet connection
Cable TV comes as a package deal with internet and phone service. So sometimes the problem lies with the Internet connection. Most people steer clear of these issues, preferring to call the cable company to fix them, but there are some things you can do.

First, your modem should always be connected to the first splitter. So follow your modem wire to ensure that there are no barrels and no breaks in that line. It should be one continuous line to the main splitter. If that’s alright, check the black cable wire for any signs of water damage or corrosion. This is especially important if it has been a while since your last service.

Try moving the modem as close to the main splitter as possible. The strength of your cable Internet is dependent on your proximity to the service provider; the same applies to your modem’s connection and the splitter. More often than not, the intermittent connection is resolved by doing this. However, if all else fails, you should call the cable company.

These are just a few of the common problems that you can fix at home rather than waiting on a cable repair guy to be sent by the company. Be sure to try them out next time you’re in a bind.

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