The Omnia M an Expensive Phone

The Samsung Omnia M is the latest offering by Samsung to hit the market pretty soon now. The phone runs Windows 7.5 and has a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash. The phone also has a front facing VGA camera, 4 gigs of storage, GPS, WiFi, Blutooth 2.1, and connects to ChatOn and Samsung’s own cloud based Family Network, Xbox Live and AllShare.

In terms of size the Windows Phone measures a mere 121.6 x 64.1 x 10.5, and weights just 119 grams with a 1500mAh battery. While the Omnia M rolled out in Europe ahead of any other place in the world but many people are not too excited about the phone. The specifications are nothing special except if you are a hardcore Windows 7.5 fan which most people are not.

The first price leak of the Samsung Omnia M suggested that the new Windows Phone is going to be very expensive. When Samsung finally unveiled the phone on Monday, everyone was surprised when it had the same specs as the Omnia 7 (its predecessor). The Omnia M has a 4 inch Super AMOLED screen which is bright and looks cool, but the 5 MP camera and the single core processor leave little to be excited about. And also because the phone runs Windows Mango there are not as many apps available as most people who use Android are used to which means it’s a dud.

How much does it cost?

The Italian retailer i.e. ePrice has said that the Omnia M which is sold on its website commands a whopping €294 which is equal to $374 in the US. Now compare this to for instance the Hauwei Ascend G300 which costs just £100 and also the Nokia Lumia 710 which runs the latest Windows but costs just £175 or $250. If anything the Omnia M is overpriced and yet fails to offer something which other devices are not offering. However, official pricing for the US and other parts of the world are yet to be released.

If you are considering buying the Omnia M you may want to consider getting it insured. Expensive phones have a way of disappearing and so if you’re going to pay close to $400 for a phone you might as well make sure that your investment is safe by getting mobile phone insurance.

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