Android Science Apps

Top 10 Android apps for Science Lovers

Science and technology education is famous for providing technological vies and knowledge to students. Students who are engaged in scientific studies will be always found in doing research and exploring new things. Some students like to learn about space sciences, some like geography, some like biosciences or physics etc. They need well resources in order to study these terms systematically and logically. So android has developed some amazing apps purely for science students so that with the help of these they may feel themselves comfortable in studying anything related to their interests and subjects through their android smart phone.

Android Science Apps
Android Science Apps


This app works as the helping tool for students of chemistry. With the help of this app they will be able to have access to the periodic table just on a single click. Along with this they can also see the melting points, boiling points and other characteristics of elements.

Handy Calc

With the help of this android app you will have the ability to change your smart phone into a useful calculator with scientific and many other features of daily use on your easy and simple access.

Science Pal

This app works as an informative tool for the science students and provides information regarding many useful and important scientific terms along with constants and many other scientific terms. This app also provides and informative periodic table and solar system on smart phone screens.

Deluxe Moon

This app is informative for every user which displays information regarding moon positions its phases and animated zodiac circles. This app is also supported with many other features like moon calendar, automatic GPS locations and moon rise time.

Taber’s Medical Dictionary

This medical dictionary app is very much helpful for medical students which include more than 60,000 entries, 1000 illustrations and 30,000 audio pronunciations.

Science Facts

This app is very much informative for students who want to update themselves with new and informative knowledge of scientific technologies or who want to refresh their scientific concepts.

Science Quiz

This app helps you in testing yourself that how much knowledge you are having or this app can be helpful in testing your friend’s knowledge by different scientific questions.

The Science of Mind

It is an amazing app which provides a complete and authentic course related to science subjects with the help of which students can get themselves masters of scientific information.

Metal Detector

With this app you can turn your smart phone into a metal detector and your phone will help you in detecting different metals you have to use in your experiments.

 1001 Science Trivia Lite

This app contains 300 scientific questions which would be enough in testing your scientific knowledge. With this app android users can easily enhance their scientific knowledge.

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