Remote Heating Control app from British Gas

Can you believe that you can control the room-temperature of your home at your finger tips and that too from your own mobile phone? And to surprise you more here, you can control the heating of your home by working on your computer and by sitting in your office or even when you are in your car or when you are busy in partying with your friends. You now need not to worry about the heat of your house. I am talking here about an automatic ‘Remote Heating Control’ application developed by ‘British Gas’. The company has launched an online portal which will allow you to control the temperature of your house whether you are in your home or not. British Gas has made their best efforts to design the interface as user-friendly as it could be; along with keeping in-mind the efficiency of the application. Special precautions have been taken care of for processing, as when the request is sent by the user, the outcome is what is desired. So, isn’t it something interesting? The right usage of this online-portal will help you adjust the heating and cooling of your room. The app is available for iOS and Android phones too.

British Gas

Remote Heating Control Benefits

Here are some of the benefits of this application:

1. The interface is clean and simple that can be easily understood and can be used by even novice users.

2. The temperature of your room can be controlled by your personal computer or laptop but yes, obviously with internet connection 🙂

3. The cooling and heating of an area can also be maintained with iPhone or Android mobiles. The plus point of having this app on your phones is that you cannot carry your laptop everywhere but yes, you have to and you will carry your smartphone every time wherever you will go. And thus, you would be in continuous knowledge of the rise and fall of cooling or heating of your living home.

4. The utilization of energy can be set to a desired level. The heating-schedule settings can be set by logging into the application portal online.

5. The alerts can be set which will help you in reminding you about the current settings that you set for your room.

Remote Heating Control working

You might be wondering how this Remote Heating Control works so that sitting miles away from your location you can freely monitor its heat. This control will give you almost all functionalities that a wireless thermostat control shares. But to work on the internet, it has some extra capabilities too such as it can interact with a web through wireless medium, which can plug into the router of your home-internet connection. Thus in this way, it can give you the information; no matter where you are. When you make any changes (such as when you decrease the temperature or increase it) by logging online to the application’s portal or through the iOS or Android apps; this hub passes that information to your thermostat as thermostat is connected to your internet router. The receiver of wireless boiler receives the thermostat output and accordingly, it turns on and off the boiler. All of these steps do not take hours and are completed in some fraction of minutes. You will also be happy to know that in the recent award-ceremony by Stuff Magazine, this ‘Remote Heating Control’ has won the ‘Best Home Gadget of year 2012’. The other competitive gadgets were Digital Slim DC44 Dyson, Roomba 600 IRobot, WeMo Belkin and Home-Cooker from Philips.

You can read some of the successful stories on this device here, where you can also enter the Facebook competition to be in with the chance to win the RHC plus £100 worth of cinema vouchers for a ‘last minute change of plan’.

Also check the below video to see how some people have benefitted from this device.

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