[How To] Debrand and Flash HTC7 Mozart

casey_boy from xda has posted the steps to flash a new ROM or to debrand HTC 7 Mozart smartphone. The method was originally laid by theintelligent but consolidated properly by casey_boy.

You must need to remember that If you are debranding your device, you need to install 2 ROMs and not one.

We advice you to charge the smartphone completely before following the below steps. Do not proceed if itโ€™s not being fully charged.

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Debranding HTC 7 Mozart-Instructions

1. If you are running Windows XP, download ActiveSync, else skip this step.

2. If you have Windows 7 or Vista running, download Mobile Device Center. Please make sure that you select the correct version based on your operating system whether its 32 or 64 bit OS.

3. Download the branded ROM based on your network and save on your pc. Extract the contents using WinZip or 7-Zip.
For example for Orange UK operator, http://rapidshare.com/files/450044125/RUU_Mozart_Orange_UK_1.22.061.10_Radio_5.50.09.18_22.24.50.09U_by_ansar.zip

All other ROMs listed below. You need to select it based on your device.
A. hTC_Asia operator, CV 707 with CIDs HTC__044, HTC_622, HTC__021, HTC__038:
A.1 BR:
RUU_Mozart_hTC_Asia_WWE_1.26.707.01_Radio_5.51.09. 06_22.30.50.09U_by_ansar

B. TMO_AT operator, CV 112 with CID T-MOB102:
B.1 BR:
RUU_Mozart_TMO_AT_1.23.112.01_Radio_5.50.09.18_22. 24.50.09U_by_ansar

B.2 BR:
RUU_Mozart_TMO_AT_1.28.112.03_Radio_5.52.09.16_22. 33a.50.10U_by_ansar

C. HTC_Europe operator, CV 401 with CIDs HTC__001, HTC__Y13, HTC__405, HTC__016, HTC__032:
C.1 BR:
RUU_Mozart_HTC_Europe_1.23.401.06_Radio_5.51.09.06 _22.30.50.09U_by_ansar

C.2 BR:
RUU_Mozart_HTC_Europe_1.26.401.03_Radio_5.51.09.06 _22.30.50.09U_by_ansar

C.3 BR:
RUU_Mozart_HTC_Europe_1.28.401.04_Radio_5.52.09.16 _22.33a.50.10U_by_ansar

D. hTC_Asia_SEA operator, CV 728 with CIDs HTC__023:
D.1 BR:

E. Orange_UK operator, CV 061 with CID ORANG001:
E.1 BR:

E.2 BR:

E.3 BR:

F. Orange_FR operator, CV 073 with CID ORANG202:
F.1 BR:

G. Telstra operator, CV 841 with CID TELST001:
G.1 BR:
RUU_Mozart_Telstra_WWE_1.23.841.05_Radio_5.50.09.1 8_22.24.50.09U_by_ansar

H. TMO_CZ operator, CV 113 with CID T-MOB004:
H.1 BR:
RUU_Mozart_TMO_CZ_1.23.113.01_Radio_5.50.09.18_22. 24.50.09U_by_ansar

H.2 BR:
RUU_Mozart_TMO_CZ_1.27.113.02_Radio_5.51.09.29_22. 32.50.09U_by_ansar

I. TMO_DE operator, CV 111 with CID T-MOB101:
I.1 BR:
RUU_Mozart_TMO_DE_1.25.111.05_Radio_5.50.09.18_22. 24.50.09U_by_ansar

I.2 BR:
RUU_Mozart_TMO_DE_1.28.111.03_Radio_5.52.09.16_22. 24.50.09U_by_ansar

4. Open up Windows Mobile Device Center or ActiveSync.

5. Flash the above downloaded rom.

6. Power off the device.

7. Hold Power and Volume down keys and enter into the Bootloader Mode.

8. Connect the device with your computer.

9. It will install the required USB drivers.

10. Your device will display USB mode now, after the drivers are installed.

11. Run the exe file that you downloaded in Step3

12. Follow the instructions if any and the ROM will be flashed now.

13. Now you need to flash the second ROM for debranding.

14. Download the unbranded ROM that you want to flash and save on the computer. For example, for HTC Europe, [get here]

15. Extract the above file.

16. Copy the RUU_signed.nbh from the unbranded ROM (downloaded in Step14) to branded one (downloaded from Step3)

17. Power off the phone.

18. Hold the Volume Down and Power keys and boot the phone in the bootloader mode.

19. Run RomUpdateUtility.exe file from branded rom and with the unbranded RUU_signed.nbh file

20. Follow the on-screen instructions.

21. At last, your smartphone is now unbranded. Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

Please Note:
The above steps will
* Debrand your mobile and remove the network customizations. Rather than waiting for the updates, you can receive the updates as soon as they are released.
* Your phone will not be unlocked.
* You can update your phone to any of the future versions.

All support at xda thread, links sources

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