HTC Glacier Gingerbread ROM Leaked

Here’s good news for all owners of HTC Glacier myTouch 4G. The long awaited HTC Glacier Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread Leak is available for download. It’s discovered by JoelZ9614, a senior member at xda forums. Originally, it was available by 911sniprblog.

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Leak Details

* Sense Version – MySense 2.1
* Android Version – 2.3.3 Gingerbread
* Voltage – Stock Voltage
* CPU Scheduler – CFS only
* I/O Scheduler – Default as Deadline
* Kernel Version –
* File System – EXT 3
* CPU Clock – 1024 MHz
* CPU Governor -Default as OnDemand
Download HTC Glacier myTouch 4G Rom

Download leaked HTC Glacier Gingerbread ROM

Leak can be downloaded from here

How To install Leak on myTouch 4G HTC Glacier

1. Your device must be rooted for this to take place.

2. Install ClockworkMod Recovery via ROM Manager.

3. Connect your phone to the computer.

4. Move the above downloaded leaked Rom to the root of SD card.

5. Reboot the phone in Recovery Mode.

6. Select to install the downloaded Rom.

7. Reboot the device.

8. All done 🙂

Another Senior Member faux123 has further done some kernel tweaks. You can check here at XDA Thread and can get all the support also that you need.

But please do not flash any of the Kernels of faux123 if you want to preserve the 100% compatibility. All kernels of faux123 are based on 2.6.32 version that is not 100% compatible with this leaked Rom as it requires a kernel of 2.6.35+.

Disclaimer Always: We will not be responsible for any damage to the phone.

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