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Infolinks is considered the best inline-text ad network. By integrating it on your blog or website, you can generate some extra income and the best part of this In-Text Advertising is that it can be integrated with Adsense Ads.

If you own a blog and have placed the Google Adsense code on it and making money from it then also you need to worry of being banned if you place Infolinks. Google’s policies allow you to place both the networks codes at the same time.

But how to generate maximum revenue from Infolinks?

These are some of the useful tips:

Infolinks Tips

1. Login to your infolinks account at Infolinks at

2. Go in tab ‘Integration Guide’.

3. Search for ‘Highlight Color’. Change the default color link and set the color to the color of your blog’s url.

4. From ‘Double/Dotted Underline’, choose ‘Dotted’. Dotted text will appear as link to your post rather than ads and you get more clicks.

5. For ‘Max Allowed Number of Highlighted Links per page’, set max number of links per page to its maximum i.e. 12.

6. From content ‘Category’, select the category that best describes to your blog.

7. Apart from the above steps, also take benefit of infolinks Parsing technique for ads.

To Enable parsing from this point on: <!–INFOLINKS_ON–>
To Disable parsing from this point on: <!–INFOLINKS_OFF–>

Enable parsing for your posts and disable it for your blog’s title, sidebar and footer.

Hope to get good money from Infolinks.



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7 Comments so far

  1. abhi says:

    So many ads will decrease your visitor count.

  2. rajesh says:

    Thanks for informing.

  3. blog says:

    i am a new user of infolinks but i have already followed your steps.But tell me onething do i have to add my sub directory as seperate domain or the same code will work for it

    • Atul says:

      @blog: For a single domain, same code will work. And for multiple websites, you have to add your website through Add Website in Infolinks.

  4. Gerald Camcam says:

    Please help, I’m earning a very low amount of clicks on Infolinks. I’m getting exactly a total of 1 cent for each click. The conversion is really bad.

  5. john says:

    Thanks for sharing this review with us

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