WordPress Default Pinging Limitations And Its Solution- MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizer

I recently posted Complete List of Pinging Services. In this post, I talked of a plugin named MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizer. Now, I am going to describe here the importance of this plugin in your blog.

Whenever you publish a new post, WordPress sends ping to the sites mentioned in the settings. This is good but this WordPress Default Pinging has several drawbacks:
• Whenever you edit your post, WordPress again sends a fresh ping to those sites.
• WordPress only pings with the domain url, not with the post url.
Example: If your is www.abc.com
WordPress will always ping with www.abc.com
Not with,   www.abc.com/post1.html
Or,   www.abc.com/post2.htm

The solution to this is MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizer Plugin. This plugin overcomes the limitations in the following ways:
• It only pings when you publish a post, not when you edit it again.
• It does not ping with the domain url, but rather with the post url.
Example: Taking the same example above,
It would not ping   www.abc.com
Instead, it will ping   www.abc.com/post1.html
and,   www.abc.com/post2.html

So, I would say this should be the first plugin that you must install in your blog.

Download MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizer Plugin from MaxblogPress site or from WordPress Directory


  1. Thanks for this. I will install this.

    quick question. Does installing this plugin automatically disable the default pinging functionality.

    And are you using it and see any difference in search results?

  2. @BlogService,@Nihar: Thanks for visiting mine blog
    @Nihar: Yes, it will automatically disable the default pinging functionality. Regarding search results, I’ve just started this blog. Lets hope for the best 🙂

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