WordPress Default Pinging Limitations And Its Solution- MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizer

Plugins     21 September 2009     2 Comments

I recently posted Complete List of Pinging Services. In this post, I talked of a plugin named MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizer. Now, I am going to describe here the importance of this plugin in your blog.

Whenever you publish a new post, WordPress sends ping to the sites mentioned in the settings. This is good but this WordPress Default Pinging has several drawbacks:
• Whenever you edit your post, WordPress again sends a fresh ping to those sites.
• WordPress only pings with the domain url, not with the post url.
Example: If your is www.abc.com
WordPress will always ping with www.abc.com
Not with,   www.abc.com/post1.html
Or,   www.abc.com/post2.htm

The solution to this is MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizer Plugin. This plugin overcomes the limitations in the following ways:
• It only pings when you publish a post, not when you edit it again.
• It does not ping with the domain url, but rather with the post url.
Example: Taking the same example above,
It would not ping   www.abc.com
Instead, it will ping   www.abc.com/post1.html
and,   www.abc.com/post2.html

So, I would say this should be the first plugin that you must install in your blog.

Download MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizer Plugin from MaxblogPress site or from WordPress Directory



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2 Comments so far

  1. Nihar says:

    Thanks for this. I will install this.

    quick question. Does installing this plugin automatically disable the default pinging functionality.

    And are you using it and see any difference in search results?

  2. Atul says:

    @BlogService,@Nihar: Thanks for visiting mine blog
    @Nihar: Yes, it will automatically disable the default pinging functionality. Regarding search results, I’ve just started this blog. Lets hope for the best 🙂

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