Self-Pinging a Blog Good or Bad-No Self Ping Plugin

Do you ping your own blog?

If yes, then do stop it. I have seen many bloggers, even some professionals, pinging their own blog. Some think that in this way, they do get a linkback to their posts. The link to your post might appear in your related or recent posts. Or, you can deliberately too induce a link in your post. But, this-way linking in your comments section should be avoided.

Moreover, self-pinging is not good as part of SEO. So why not avoid it. In wordpress blog, you can stop self pinging your own blog easily with the help of a plugin called ‘No Self Ping’.

Download No-Self-Ping Plugin for WordPress at

You can also read the post at Shoutmeloud


  1. I agree that self-pinging is bad practice and I recommend this plugin too!!
    Thanks for informing and keep posting like this.

  2. Hmm..

    All these days i am doing exactly opposite.

    I will install this plugin asap.

    Also what about the old self pings that i have already have in comments. do i need to remove it?

  3. what about if we remove those Trackbacks or Pingbacks while moderation ???
    Only pinging wud be helpful for posts ?

  4. @Nihar: Good atleast now you know this plugin.
    Its better if you remove it.
    @TechBuzz: You can do that but I think the plugin saves you from a lot of overhead. And what if you forget to delete those?

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