How to change background on Twitter

Yesterday, I changed my twitter account background from old boring one to a brand new background image. I was surfing this social bookmarking channel and was checking mine twitter friend’s profiles and was surprised that many of them were having good background images on their profiles. At one moment, I felt very ashamed 🙂 of mine old back ground. Then I thought that instead of getting ashamed, why not have a new one for me as well. I decide that I will have the same for mine account too.

I noticed that one of the twitter guy changed his twitter background through Tweetxilla.

Just visit Tweetxilla and click any of the twitter backgrounds there that you want to get for your account.

Enter your twitter userId and password and click on ‘Apply Background’ button in order to apply the background to your twitter profile.

TweetXilla is a free third party service that provides you beautiful designs free of cost that you can integrate in your social bookmarking channel Twitter account. There are many beautiful templates available there, from which you can select the best one as per your wish. Some of the templates might be having just a image name of their company but that too will be very small written and will not be an annoyance to your blogs’ visitors.

So, go and just try it from above link. You can also check our account, may you like the same design 🙂

change background on Twitter

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