Twitter is Over Capacity

Social Bookmarking     09 May 2010     5 Comments

Just now I signed-in to mine twitter account and saw this message.

Twitter is Over Capacity

No one can today deny the increasing popularity of twitter day-by-day. This is the reason twitter servers are experiencing huge loads.

The social bookmarking channels Facebook and Twitter are the best ones available today in the market. Both are spreading their wings rapidly and so its obvious that if their servers are not properly set and maintained then they can experience the huge loads.

I don’t know but I haven’t seen Facebook down any day but Twitter yes. Prior to today also, I saw once this popular social bookmarking channel down but then I just avoided it.

Today while surfing the net, I was surprised to see that it remained down for 5 minutes or so. I called one of my friends and told him about this but he didn’t believe me. So, I pressed Ctrl+P and just pasted that here so that everyone knows.

As a good and smart blogger, I just took the screenshot and started writing the post.

Twitter is must for every blogger and website owner as it helps a lot in giving good traffic. Also, Google loves the links and articles that are shared on facebook and Twitter etc. the most. The more your urls are shared on these websites, the more good it is to you and your blog. If you want good love from Google then you have to be dependent on these sites too.

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Twitter Over Capacity



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5 Comments so far

  1. Actually twitter facing a bug yesterday – auto follow bug but it look like it’s fixed.

  2. fareed says:

    what happens to twitter actually is it true?

  3. Shiva | Web Magazine says:

    The popularity of Twitter keeps growing thus over capacity is quite expected thing.

  4. Arun says:

    Yes, even me facing the same problem. Because twitter is getting lot’s of traffic these days.

  5. Ashok says:

    Millions of peoles twitting trillions of tweets everyday so it is normal to see the error message like this,,

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