The 3 Best Android Tethering Apps of 2011

Each of us loves to use internet anywhere we go. This is all because of extreme advancement of technology and technological equipment. Who doesn’t love to use internet at places he/she check in? I think no one. There is good news for you if you are in the list of those people who are crazy for using mobile phones. Android phones have provided best options for users to have best access of internet anywhere they want. This lets you share internet through wireless signals or Wi-Fi. More near you are, best would be the results.  I wish to add that Android provides you a best platform for using internet – related stuff everywhere. I shall discuss 3 best Android applications.

1.     Android Froyo OS Tethering

This fantastic application is going to bring for you awesome internet features and is ever known as the most basic of all applications of Android devices. If this application is being installed on your personal Android device, you can enable it first and then use it properly. Later on, it needs you to connect to laptop or PC via USB connection or Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi always depends on connection you have because if connection is not good, it will never be working in good conditions and won’t provide you with good results. So, one must note that Froyo is fantastic application provided that your connection is both secured and efficient.

2.     Wireless Tether for Root

Android Tethering Apps
Android Tethering Apps

Wireless tether is unique and highly-ranked application especially for root users just because of its immense applications. Remember that root user is the most top user who has all rights and access to his/her pc ad sub-users. He/she is at the top of all and can perform any task related to machine whether legal or illegal. So, if you are root user and you want to enjoy full access to wireless media like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth you must leave Froyo-type applications and must use wireless Tether application or sure. You can even create your own network, connection, SSID, GID, UID, and much more.

3.     PDANet

Many of us don’t want to have root for us so we mostly try to avoid this. For this reason, Android developers have designed root-free application known as PDANet. This application doesn’t need root access at any cost and deploys 3G technology in itself. More features add up like Bluetooth, VPN etc. This lets you browse almost all of sites except few restricted websites being provided in a form of list by Android developers. It comes in two versions both paid and trial. It depends on you that which version you feel easy to sue.

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