Great Android GPS Apps Trimble

More than 35 years are being experienced by Trimble and it develops GPS, software products, hardware communicating devices and mobile-based application stuff especially for Android phones like Trimble Outdoors, Backpacker GPS Trails, AllSport GPS and Map the Spill. I shall discuss 4 of best applications.

Trimble Outdoors

Are you in love with cycling or hiking? You must download and use this cool application for outdoors if your answer is yes. Any outdoor activity like rout control, tracking, photo sharing, tagging, and last but not the least sharing those photos on Facebook to any Social network is all due to support of this coolest application. It provides you with a topological map and a concise GPS enabled directions and distances and your coordinates. This application downloads only those maps which are needed by your routes.

Backpacker GPS Trails

GPS always lets you find what you want. If your routes are saved, it reaches you to your needed places or locations but if routes are not saved then it saves and updates all locations manually. So, GPS trails lets you do these types of searching, updating, and movements. You can also search for adventures written or narrated by numerous editors and writers in some magazine and lot of other media. You can use tagging techniques, photo sharing, sharing adventures, events, and videos.GPS trails keeps track of your surroundings clearly and perfectly.

AllSport GPS

AllSport GPS
AllSport GPS

Whenever you play, run, do exercise, use GYM, or do any sort of motion or activity, you are actually burning your calories. Suppose you go for cycling or hiking, you you’re your calories and planning and tracking of stuff related to your calories and energy are done by this Allsport GPS. It keeps track of calories you are burning while you are out cycling, hiking or jogging or anywhere. It also plans and traces your routes and calculates routes, distance, time and speed. Elevations, maps, and latitudes can be viewed also by this application. Also, if you are under training somewhere, this application will trace you there too and prepares a record of you in terms of distance covered, calories burned and how quick you cover that distance.

Map the Spill

You know when oil gets spill, its hard enough to filter and quantify it because of large effects and actions. Oil of Gulf has impacted their society and many countries a lot so that was why Iraq was being split. This cool application ‘Map the Spill’ was built by Trimble who was ought to support users to feel the impact of the spill by using their phones and they could take field notes, and mark locations which had the spill over there. Even users can take pictures and make movies too. Not all of experts can do that because it’s quite tough and risky and its impacts were on environment and wildlife too. With this application you can share with your friends and family too. Users must have a record of dead animals, oiled shorelines and many other options which may include facts on which spill had major impacts.


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