Android Apps for Skiers

Adventure is an art and can be defined as an exciting experience adapted by bold and risk loving persons. This refers to activities regarding physical danger that includes sky diving, mountain climbing, deep sea diving etc and is also adapted as tourism for the tourists who want to enjoy physical danger on the risk of their lives. These persons are too much bold and don’t have any fear in enjoying these things as a game. During these types of risky games, tourists need some applications as a tool for their convenience such as navigator, maps etc in order to find out the ways and hurdles in their path.So, by keeping this thing in mind, developers have developed some applications for the skiers so that they must not find any difficulty and they can take any sort of help from their android smart phones.

Android Apps for Skiers
Android Apps for Skiers

1.     Ski Trail Maps

This amazing application has 1000 maps for the skiers which can be downloaded easily. These maps contain detailed information about the height of mountains, various resort camps, marked ski runs, locations of trails. Along with these, this application also has direct access with the webcam located at the ski resort. In this application users will also be able to find out the detailed information about the weather conditions including snow-reports land sliding etc.

2.     Ski Report.Com

This is also an amazing skier application that allows you to view the ski resorts available at various locations through your webcam and can also get up to date information about the sky resort closures. With this application you can also get a detailed report on weather conditions including latest snow falls. This application also allows the user to view the nearest trail through their GPS systems. With the help of these features users will be able to create a list of best ski areas so that they can have a quick access on these areas.

3.     GPS Ski Maps

With the help of this application skiers can download various sky resorts located at different locations. These maps give you the detailed information of lodges, parking, restaurants and ticket offices. This application also allows zoom in while viewing so that users can view the location easily and accurately. This application is also supported with ski tracker feature with the help of which you can easily track your skiing routes through GPS system.

4.     Satski

This application is supported with touch screen and GPS system. With the help of this application you can easily record your progress while skiing. This application has the ability to measure the distance you have covered and speed at which you ski. This application also provides you clear cut and up to date information about weather conditions including snowfall details and closures. This application also provides you the information of different events occurring at a specific ski resort. This application is also supported with a very much beautiful feature that by pressing a single button in case of emergency will connect your GPS directly with rescue team.


This article is about the applications developed for skiers developed by android for the users who love skiing. With the applications users will not find any kind of difficulty during their skiing regarding maps, navigation, weather conditions, emergency etc. They can take any kind of help from their android smart phones during skiing while using these applications.

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