Android’s Top Social Media Fanatics

All of us use social networks for the sake of chatting or fast communications but have we ever felt their real meaning? I dint think so. Let us suppose I have developed some website and I want to promote it. How would I do this? I would definitely be searching for some websites that must be free and promote my website. These websites are called bookmarking sites. Few most common social media bookmarking sites are Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Flicker, Digg, and lot more. Bookmarking is something which helps you promote your news or spread your news efficiently to users. You just paste link or URL of your written content or published articles or blog posts and simply bookmark them. Remember to anchor the text which must redirect the viewer or user to your original site. Same is the case in Android devices which offer lots of bookmarking or social sites. Let us have a look at top most Android social media apps on basis of rankings and usage.

1.      Hootsuite Android App

Android provides its users with Hootsuit application which is capable of various unique features. They can manage multiple accounts, multiple aliases, messages, topics discussions, followers, lists, URL shortenings, and lot more features.

2.      Fbook – Android’s Facebook App

Who doesn’t know Facebook? I think every cyber person is well aware of Facebook. This application lets you do exactly the same what you don on your home laptop or pc. It’s easy to use and understand and is reliable plus flexible.

Android’s Top Social Media Fanatics
Android’s Top Social Media Fanatics

3.      Digg App for the Android

Digg is tremendous bookmarking website or application which lets you share your stuff with lot of ease and comfort. What you can do is that you can simply submit a link into it and then it would pick title itself and you can simply bookmark your desired blog post or review or anything you wish.

4. Android App

This is awesome application for music stuff and audio can be listened with clarity and precision through this application in Android.

5.      DroidIn – Android’s LinkedIn app

DroidIn is a social network and also supports bookmarking facilities to users. It costs $2 for paid versions with more features but for free or trial versions users get less.

6.      Twidroid – Best Android Twitter Client

Twidroid is superb Android application for using twitter because it’s a platform which provides twitter functionality to mobile users and they can enjoy using features i.e. tweeting, re-tweeting, status updates, follow, unfollow, direct messaging, notifications, and much more.

7.      Delicious Bookmarks

Delicious is considered best application for bookmarking and social media purpose because it provides fastest and accurate results along with visits. If you see referral traffic of Google Analytics, you would for sure be seeing delicious results the most.


Many other applications exist and are widely available but I have mentioned few of the Android social media apps which are popular and unique.


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