Dropbox for Anroid

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There are some android apps in market without which you consider your smart phone of no use. Some apps are very much useful and with the help of these apps you give your smart phone a new and beautiful touch that on a single touch you can take advantage of many useful apps. There are number of android apps and android users feels so much difficulty in finding the best apps that suit to their need to make their smart phone much different from other and in order to compete with the apps of other smart phone users of their friends and family members.


Dropbox for Anroid
Dropbox for Anroid

This is an amazing app with the help of which you can easily share your documents and can have a easy backup of your files. This app works as an interface between your mobile and PC. With this app you can not only access your files on but can also upload them with the help of your smart phone.


This is an amazing and award winning app which works to help the efficient working of user’s brain. This app is very much helpful in remembering everything and recalling the most important tasks that happened in your daily life. Users can easily put their ideas, and thoughts and this app will easily give access to your online email account and also to your PC.

This is the best and worthy app in android market. With the help of this amazing app users can find their lost phone by remotely connecting it through SMS messages. This is the only tracking app in the android market which also works when your phone is turned off.


This app supports all the smart phones whether they are blackberries, iPhones, android phones etc. This app works on any smart phone. With the help of this app you can send SMS to any of your contact having this app without paying for that SMS. To send or receive messages it uses your existing Wi-Fi or internet connection.

Kindle For Android (Free):

This app is very much beneficial for persons who love book reading. This app is supported with kindle library and is having the stock of thousands of books and 100’s of news papers.

PULSE (Free):

This is news reading app which surely will change your ways of reading and viewing the news. In this app contents of news are available in the form of list and you can choose the title from list and app will present that news in a very beautiful format.

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